Grimace & Grace CLAIT.JPG

Grimace & Grace

by Corey Laitman

Grimace and Grace: 

"It's like chicken noodle soup or yogurt at just the right time and the right time is always." 
-Gideon Irving of "My Name Is Gideon


released September 13, 2012 

all songs written and performed by rachel laitman 

album art by rachel meirs & anna latourette 

drums on animal noises, restless things, birds and bees, narratives and hannah performed by the human metronome with a beautiful soul, matt johnson 

piano on birds and bees, aly, fucking grateful, matt on the fourth, and jersey suburbs performed by the intuitive and 'tasteful' brian fitzsousa

inebriated folk chorus on narratives and fucking grateful immaculately performed by jamie nadeau and lovely drunken company 

acoustic guitar on animal noises, narratives, aly, and hannah; electric guitar on animal noises, sea song, matt on the fourth, hannah, and river running; bass on animal noises, sea song, restless things, birds and bees, narratives, fucking grateful, matt on the fourth, and hannah; mandolin and river running; percussion on sea song, fucking grateful, and matt on the fourth; backing vocals on restless things, fucking grateful, you don't like cats, and river running breathtakingly performed by the inimitable peter j hochstedler 

all songs co-produced by peter j hochstedler and rachel laitman 
engineered and mixed by peter j hochstedler