Corey Laitman

“When an artist is selected, overproduced, air-brushed, homogenized, neutered, and packaged by children in marketing departments of corporations for the masses – as it is in dynasty America, dreaming of Super Bowls – real talent, pure talent like that of Corey Laitman goes largely unappreciated.

 (Human angels tragically shrivel against pyrotechnic star-making machinery.) 

Rachel Laitman pours her heart into beautiful songs which quietly soothe peoples’ souls if they would only listen. Deb Talan comes to mind, or Laura Marling; those few singer-songwriters that through undeniable talent climb over the competitive frenzy into the public sphere. 

Laitman is of that caliber, and I entreat you to listen.”

–American Poet Gordon Massman



Upcoming Shows

SoFar Boston //

Tuesday, November 26

The Sierra Grill // Northampton, MA

Thursday, December 13

Club Passim // Boston, MA

Monday, January 14th

Hawks & Reed // Greenfield, MA

Friday, March 1st